Friday, July 14, 2017

Thoughts from a students' teacher

I asked a colleague who has had several SE students within the SE IMT program to share his thoughts on how it has worked for his students.  Please see below:

"Programs are only as good as the people that run them. April is very insightful and flexible and has no trouble developing excellent relationships with the students and families. Over the last five years I've seen her go over and above what is required to see students succeed.  I really like the way IMT program creates expectations that push students to reach their potential.  IMT has successfully captivated my students and allowed them to learn at their pace and through their interests. It has been really great to see students who would not normally do “school” accomplish so much."

Thanks so much to Nate for sharing!  I really appreciate how Nate has continued to recommend new students into the program year after year.

Until next time!

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