Monday, June 17, 2013

Andrew's Spectacular 5 paragraph Essay

Sacrifice for the Cure
QA Plague Essay
March 29th, 2013
Andrew, Grade 5

The plague, a contagious bacterial disease, characterized by fever and delirium, killed over 200 people in the village of Ingolstadt.  Some villagers believe that Dr. V. Frank is a deranged man with ill intention while others believe he is misunderstood and that he is on a mission to save the village from the plague.  Dr. V. Frank should be allowed to continue searching for a cure for the plague, using his 'subject' in medical experiments because 1) the plague is destroying Ingolstadt 2) the doctor is their only hope and 3) the creation will be sacrificed for the town to prevent further deaths and loss in the village .  I know Dr. V. Frank is working hard on a cure to save Ingolstadt and the world.

The population of Ingolstadt continues to fall affecting the people, the work, the business and the future of the village.  Reporter Henry Curbshall states: "More than 200 people have died in the past year." Constable MacArthur goes on to add that, "the plague is destroying Ingolstadt" while Joey Mager suggests "a cure will help all of society, not just Ingolstadt" Furthermore, both Joey Mager and reporter Henry Curbshall agree that "people have lost their jobs because of the plague." Even Innkeeper Udolf and Millworker Karl stated "the mill worker and the innkeeper have lost 80% of their business this year."  The economics of the village is being devastated and Dr. V. Frank is the only one who can find the cure to save the village from complete destruction.

According to Postmistress Jodi, Dr. V. Frank "has won many medical honor for his excellent work" . Reporter Henry Curbshall suggests the doctor can be trusted and is "our only hope".  After all he is a doctor and his job is to save others and he was "the one to find the cure to that HG9 disease." (From Innkeeper Udolf and Lizzie's Diary) Dr. Frank as well as Innkeeper Udolf further states: "it's too late to start over and get someone else to find a cure." According to the mayor, not only is the doctor working day and night to save the village but he is also giving up meals to complete his research to find a cure for the plague. I heard Dr. Frank is one of the most highly trained doctors and he will find a cure.

Dr. V Frank's intention is to find a cure for the plague by completing medical experiments on his 'subject'.  The creation can be sacrificed for the good of the community because it isn't human and it doesn't have human rights.  "The creation doesn't even LOOK human,' shared Aunt Patricia.  Doctor V. Frank said "the creation was made in a lab from dead body parts".  I also witness this when I had to deliver a human brain to the doctor.  Dr. V. Frank is clearly sacrificing these bodies for the good of the town  

In conclusion, Dr. V. Frank is a committed doctor who is well intended and whose goal is to save the village of Ingolstadt from the devastation created by the plague. Dr Frank is Ingolstadt's only hope and he should be allowed to use his 'creation' to prevent further deaths and loss.  His cure will not only save Ingolstadt but also the world.

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