Monday, June 17, 2013

Capturing the Experience

I am in awe of what has happened this year as I have worked together with students within Quest Atlantis. God has worked in mighty ways from bringing all of this together to transforming students' lives in a very real way.  I have thought long and hard about how to translate my experience into one that those of you reading this might understand and be able to grasp the vastness of the possibilities for students.  Atlantis Remixed was created to open the doors for students to be successful and love learning. We, at Heritage, have taken it a step further and opened it up for Special Education students to be supported in unique ways by adapting the curriculum and expectations in order to meet their needs. Educational Assistants, parents, teacher support and sheer determination by the students to rise above obstacles has produced successful results above and beyond what my expectations were at the beginning of the year. I desire to share a few videos to begin to take you on an introduction of Atlantis Remixed aka Quest Atlantis.  I have done a couple of 5 minute videos and then I learned how to do longer videos.  Each one will tell a piece of the story and I hope you complete all of them with a much clearer and more informed understanding of this amazing program and what it could mean to students you know.  I will continue to post videos over the next week or so to add to the picture.  Also uploaded to the blog will be a video created by one of our students.  HCANDREWM has kindly allowed me as well to post his essay from the Plague Mission.  Thanks, Andrew!  My hope and desire is that these videos will allow you to experience for yourself a small snippet of what QA is all about!

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