Monday, June 24, 2013

Is Quest Atlantis a Good Choice for your Child?

That is a great question and one I hope to answer either via this blog and/or through personal contact via email or Skype. When I first started the training to be a teacher with Quest Atlantis two years ago, all I could think about were the possibilities of supporting Special Education students within this venue.  I could see visual and auditory learners being able to excel.  I could see reluctant writers and struggling readers being able to see success.  I could see a safe environment for any student to be who they are and not be judged.  My heart and mind caught a vision for using Quest Atlantis and after completing a pilot project this school year, it is truly remarkable and tough to put into words, just how much transformation can take place for a student. Many people have been involved in making Quest Atlantis an opportunity for students with HCOS and still are opening the doors for more adventures for future students.  I want to thank Gord Holden, John Davies, Krista Barney, Steve Bastian, Greg Bitgood, Janet Rainbow, and Michelle Nimchuk for their hard work, their belief in the possibilities and their unending support for students of HCOS utilizing QA for their learning.

Below in the many videos, the blog posts, and comments that are sure to come, I hope that you will be able to experience some of what has transpired within Quest Atlantis this year.  There are interviews with Sasha Barab, the creator of Quest Atlantis, who gives a great understanding of why and how QA was created. I will continue to add more onto this blog over the summer and into next year as we have more and more experiences and see more successes.

I will be the first to say that the successes have not been without many struggles. We have endured many technical issues, writing sorrows, weakness challenges, attitude differences, difficult social communications, and more.  As one of my students shared, it has been hard at times, but so very worth it. Quest Atlantis is a fun way to learn, but when learning is a struggle, having the adaptations and modifications made to ensure success is imperative.  With my support within the world and also face to face on Skype with weekly one on one meetings and group meetings, your child will have a year of adventure that will be unparalleled to any other.  It will not be a year without obstacles, but with the scaffolding that can be provided by myself, you as the parent, and other questers, your child will love learning in Quest Atlantis and they will have grow in ways that are truly difficult to measure.

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