Monday, June 24, 2013

Members of the 300 LUMIN CLUB

During our year in Quest Atlantis, myself and 7 other students have been questing and earning what is called lumins.  Every time you complete a quest, you gain anywhere from 2 - 5 lumins depending upon the amount of work was needed to be completed for the quest.  A lumin is (as per Quest Atlantis): "Each Quest is connected to one of the seven Social Commitments. As students complete Quests, they earn specified numbers of Lumins, representing their work on a particular commitment and the difficulty level of the Quest. For each completed Quest, students receive an equal number of Lumins and Cols. Unlike Cols, Lumins cannot be spent, traded, or given away. Lumins are like units of energy and represent each student’s personal accomplishments. At threshold points as Questers earn Lumins, shards of the Shardflower will “luminate,” energized by their accomplishments."  Hence, only earning 2 - 5 lumins per assignment, you should be able to imagine the overwhelming success of a quester when they reach 300 and join the 300 lumin club.  There are several members of this club and reaching this pinnacle of success in only 1 year is outstanding and unprecedented.  Joining the club of amazing questers is hctalang, hcgriffenh, hchollyh, hckeagans and myself, Dawneoflight.  Two other questers who are on the verge of joining with the lumin count of 250 are hcandrewm and hckevinl (hchudsonl is close behind at 240). BRAVO, to all of you for surpassing all of my expectations this year!!!!!!

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