Monday, June 17, 2013

Parental Accolades

Parent shared:
Homeschooling my special needs child has always been challenging because he has opposing strengths and skills.  Even more challenging was finding a supportive curriculum to meet his complex needs.
Quest Atlantis has provided a venue for my son to blossom.  In the 5 months that he has been using this program we have witnessed God’s hand at work.

Diagnosed with dysgraphia among other things, Andrew has always struggled with writing. Andrew went from an emerging writer with weak sentence structure and disjointed thoughts writing only a few sentences to a fluid writer who includes detailed paragraphs with proper opening, transitions and closing statements. Andrew’s social skills both in QA and in the real world have also improved.  He has shown growth in critical thinking skills. He is highly motivated to do his work and feels rewarded by earning cols, shardflowers and petals, the right to build and the ability to hold a job in QA.

Quest Atlantis has contributed to profound changes in my son providing him with a solid foundation to succeed in many areas in the future.

We are SO grateful we took a chance and gave immersive technology a go!  

Thanks so much for your encouragement and support!!  

In Him;
-- Allison Miles
HCOS Special Education Support Teacher

Parent supports:

Karen Henderson here, mother to HCOS SE student Holly Henderson.  This is Holly's sixth and final year at HCOS.  All in all, our experience at HCOS has been very, very positive.  We are ever so grateful as the public school system was failing her.  However, what I really would like to expound upon is Quest Atlantis.  

We came to Quest Atlantis almost reluctantly - our support teacher reservedly recommending it for Holly.  We were encouraged by John Davies and had questions answered and fears allayed by Sharlene Grant's conversations with Gord Holden.  And finally, we met online with April McLeod.  We were sold without waiting for the two week trial period.  The program was described to me as Immersive Technology, 21st Century Learning focusing on functional and practical skills as well as socialization.  Well, this is one of the most exciting ways to take in knowledge and to learn life lessons I have ever experienced.  Yes, as Holly's coach, I am learning too.  

Most amazing is the intriguing way lessons are taught, information is given, and the lessons are individualized for each student.  Holly has been given encouragement, had her own skills reinforced, acknowledged and expanded.  She has been given recognition on so many different levels.  She travels the 'worlds' with ease and a great deal of expertise and has shared her experience with other students in the program.  This program is perfectly aligned with Holly's way of learning.  Of course she still has difficulties in the areas where she always has had difficulty, but even those are being ameliorated in Quest Atlantis.  

It is difficult to say for sure that Quest Atlantis is responsible for the glowing eyes, increased self confidence and sparkle Holly exhibits, but it sure looks like it.  Our only regret is that this is her last year and she will be unable to continue to develop through this program.   

Thank you HCOS for bringing Quest Atlantis to our learning experience.

Karen Henderson

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